Core Courses

These courses examine fundamental dimensions of preaching and provide a framework for participants to explore their own preaching. Over three years, the core courses follow this sequence:

  • First-year Participants: Preaching as Interpretation
  • Second-year Participants: Preaching as Performance
  • Third-year Participants: Preaching as Social Transformation

Preaching as Interpretation

This course offers an opportunity for participants to raise to consciousness and acquire perspective upon their own interpretive strategies for preaching, both in terms of the biblical text and the community, and to sharpen their practice of interpretation in dialogue with recent critical thought and o­ne another.

Preaching as Performance

Participants join their own experience with the depths of scripture in developing sermons that communicate in depth. Preachers focus o­n their capacity to embody the text as lived experience.

Preaching as Social Transformation

This course explores the social dimensions of preaching, including the congregation's social context, the social world of the biblical text, and elements of preaching that enable a congregation to engage in issues of social justice.